Hello everyone. My name is Michał Jaroszewicz, I am polish architect and graphic designer aswell. I don’t have big experience as CG artist, I started with interior renderings, because it’s easier for beginner to create nice images, but I am going to focus on exterior shots, which help me present my architecture. I like photorealistic effect in visualizations and spend a lot of time testing different solutions to achieve this.


My main goal was to design simple, reasonable size house for 2+2 family. I love minimal architecture with big glass surfaces, without visible elements like gutters, downspouts etc. Flat roofs are very convenient in designing floor plan, because you can add more space anywhere you need and shape of roof will follow it. Unfortunately, in Poland very often you can’t build a house without pitched roof. So I decided to divide house into 2 parts with different roofs and to emphasize dividing – use 2 different façade materials for each part of house.